The Art of Us: Desire - Coming Soon!

The Art of Us: Desire is a brand new approach for couples or individuals seeking to fan the flames of desire in their relationships.

Desire is the first installment of the Art of Us, a unique series of experiences and lessons designed to improve relational intelligence, spark conversations and generate a sense of aliveness and vitality. I would be honored for you to be among the first to receive information about The Art of Us: Desire when it launches later this year.

If you’d like to be considered for a sneak preview of the course, please check “I want to be a Beta Tester” in the field to the right. A select number of Beta Testers will receive “Desire” for free in exchange for providing information about their experience with the course.

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What is The Art of Us?

The Art of Us is a new series of courses cultivated to support individuals and couples throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Aspirational and goal-focused, The Art of Us reflects my favorite lessons from three decades of providing couples therapy and offers tried and true tools for achieving relationship goals.

Aimed at both those hoping to start their relationships on the right foot and those seeking to rediscover the flame after enduring the trials of time, The Art of Us bypasses problem-focused narratives in favor of supporting a more ambitious pursuit: to become a valued companion on your relationship journey.

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